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Zeng Xiangquan:Director of China Institute for Employment Research
      Zeng Xiangquan is the Dean of the School of Labor and Human Resources. He received his PH.D in economics from Renmin University. His research centers on labor economics and compensation theory, and has published many works in China Renmin University Press, Fudan Press and China Labor Publishing Company, also numerous articles in leading academic journals such as International Labour Review, Social Sciences in China,Economic Research Journal, Management World, Journal of Renmin University of China, Economic Theory and Business Management, etc. 
      As a well-known expert in labor economics, human resource management and compensation management, he has participated in many international academic activities since 1990, and his researches are always the focusing center at home and abroad. On March 28, 2003, he was invited to make a special lecture at the third study of Central Politics Bureau on World Employment Trend and China’s Employment Policy Research. He has been invited to make lectures and provide policy advice for many state agencies such as Department of Labor and Social Security, National Health Ministry, National Organization Ministry, National Personnel Ministry, etc, and also many cities and provinces including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, etc.  
      Professor Zeng has served as an advisor and consultant to several large companies in China. He has been interviewed by CCTV, BTV, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Market Newspaper, China Youth, Lifeweek, Chinese Talents Magazine, 21st Century Economic Report, The  Washington Post and American Business Week, etc. His biography has been included in two influential books: Light of Hope and Biography of Contemporary Chinese Economics.
Member of American Academy of Management
Member of American Academy of Labor Relations
Member of American Compensation Association
Commissioner of the 4th and 5th Expert Council of Policy and Management Study of Chinese Health Department
Vice President of Labor Academy of China
President of Labor Science Academy for Teaching and Research
Vice President of Human Resource Development and Research Association of   China
Counselor of the Compensation Commission of Sino-Oil-Chemistry Group, Advisor to Sino-GT (General Technology) Group and other large companies.


Yang Weiguo:Deputy Director of China Institute for Employment Research
Deputy Director of Research Office, Renmin University of China
Secretary-General of China Disability Insitute, Renmin University of China
Deputy Director of China Institute for Employment Research, Renmin University of China
Member, China Labor Association
Research Fellow, China Institute for Employment Research, Renmin University of China
Honorary Research Fellow, Beijing Center for Human Resources Research.
Research Fellow, China Disability Insitute, Renmin University of China
Board member, Workforce Institute Board of Advisors (US)


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