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  Now you are: About CIER Introduction  

    China Institute for Employment Research (CIER), established in March 2004, mainly focuses on issues of employment, unemployment and labor markets both in China and abroad. The current director of CIER is Professor Zeng Xiangquan and the deputy director is Professor Yang Weiguo.

    CIER has thirteen faculty members and visiting scholars, including oversea experts such as: Professor SZELL, the former vice president of University of Osnabruck in Germany, Professor Haizheng Li from George Brown College in USA, and Professor HYO-SOO LEE, the director of the South Korean National Labor Economics Academy, and Chinese experts in Labor Economics such as: Professor Zhao Lvkuan, Professor Zeng Xiangquan , ProfessorYao Yuqun , Professor Pan Jintang, and ProfessorYang Weiguo , Professor Zhao Zhong, Associate Professor Yi Dinghong, Associate Professor Ding Dajian, Associate Professor Liu Erduo, Associate Professor Tang Kuang. 70% of the faculty members and visiting scholars in CIER are honored with Professor title and 90% have a PhD degree.

    CIER concentrates on the status and the trend of the employment, the theories of employment and unemployment and labor market policies. It focuses on the employment issues in China and other countries in order to learn from them. The research area includes the status and trend of employment at home and abroad, the economics of employment and unemployment, micro organizational behavior and employment effect, macro economic policies and the demand of workforce in industry, investment in human resource capital, employment options, the transformation of the Chinese employment policies and international employment policies and so on.

    CIER has published enormous works and theses, including The Series Report on the Employment Strategy in China, which consists of two reports. China’s Employment Strategy, Year 2004: The Changing Employment Environment and the Employment of China’s College Graduates; China’s Employment Strategy, Year 2006: Measurement of the Labor Market. Currently, CIER has directed many important projects both in China and abroad, including Research on Employment of College Graduates of China and Research on Relations Between Skill Shortage and Skill Incentive ,which are funded by National Fund for Social Sciences,Research on Chinese Employment Strategy During the Process of Building a Wealthy Nation funded by the Ministry of Education, and Research On the Working Time in China funded by the International Labor Organization.

    The academic journal of CIER is titled Labor Economics and Labor Relations.

    In terms of academic exchange, the institute has organized many conferences and has invited many outstanding experts and scholars in Labor Economics to present lectures and develop some research partnerships.



China Institute for Employment Research at Renmin University,
Renmin University of China
59 Zhongguancun Ave.
Beijing ,100872



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